Metal Bubble  



Metal Bubbles cannot be popped, but must be dropped or destroyed!


Cloudy Bubble


Hit or match Bubbles next to a Cloud Bubble to reveal what lies beneath!


Boom Bubble

Boom Bubbles explode violently when hit!


Color Splash

Hit the Color Splash to change nearby Bubbles into a single color!



Portals will consume up to three Bubbles before they explode!



Twisters rotate the Bubbles around them every time you take a shot!


Minus 3 Bubble

Don't hit the Minus 3 Bubble. It will drain 3 Bubbles from your total!


Plus 3 Bubble


Hit a Plus 3 Bubble to boost your Bubble count by 3!


Dark Matter Bubble


Hit the Dark Matter Bubble to take out the entire row!


Crystalline Bubble


Break the Crystalline Bubble by matching Bubbles next to it!


Double Bubble


Double Bubbles need to be matched twice to pop them!


Blink Bubble


The Blink Bubble changes color after every shot!


Phaze Bubble


Bubbles can pass through the Phaze Bubble when it's hidden.


Obsidian Bubble


The Obsidian Bubble takes two hits to remove. First hit will break it apart, the second will remove it completely!



Make matches when the Protect-A-Bubble is deactivated to remove it!


Plasma Bubble

Hit the Plasma Bubble to remove all Bubbles that match the color that hits it!