Sometimes success can be determined by the extra ingredients you add in along the way. Should you need a little extra boost to propel you across the finish line then these in-game inventions will help you out!



A Fireball will destroy all Bubbles in its path causing others to fall as they are no longer connected to the board, making it a useful Booster for both freeing Furbbles and clearing a path to the top of the board. Be aware, Fireballs aren’t solid and so will not bounce off walls!



Sometimes the Bubbles just aren’t the colors you need them to be. With 4-Sight, matches are made easier as this very special Booster will add two extra slots to your Bubble Launcher giving you an extra two Bubbles to choose from. By doubling your odds of getting the color you need, 4-Sight can make removing Bubbles from the board easy. This Booster is particularly useful for Defeat Vee levels where every shot counts before she multiplies her protection!

Rainbow Bubble


The Rainbow bubble is a chameleon that will match with any bubble it comes into contact with! Simply select it and fire it to remove large clusters of bubbles.