If you have the curiosity of a scientist than this is the game for you. With a large variety of levels, you never know what you are going to face next. 


Pop the Top

With Bubbles blocking your path, it can be a long way to the top.

Use your scientific mind and the aiming line from your bubble launcher to make the most of every angle and clear a path to the uppermost row of the board. Then all you need to do is remove six Bubbles to beat the level and send the rest of the Bubbles bouncing down. 


Free Furbbles

Furbbles are cute but also defenseless making it easy for Vee to snatch them.

It falls to you to save them by making matches above the Furbbles to drop them from their Bubble cages and free them from Vee. The number of Furbbles you will have to free can very drastically from level to level so be sure to check the top right-hand corner of your in-game screen to see how many Furbbles remain to be rescued. 


Capture the Grubbles

Grubbles, despite the similarities, are not to be confused for Furbbles.

If it is green, angry and surrounded by bubbles then it is a Grubble. It is your job to pop the Grubbles bubble defence and capture it before it can cause any more mischief. 


Defeat Vee

Vee is a foe with many tricks up her sleeve, but as she won’t have the courage to face you directly you will have to defeat her minions.

Focus on removing all bubbles of a single color. This is because Vee can multiply the Bubbles that protect her but only in the colors that still exist on the board. The fewer colors there are on the board when she multiplies her bubbles, the easier it will be to defeat her!


Hit the Target

Vees’ mechanical minions are running wild but with a steady hand and good aim you can defeat them! Hit the bots square in the centre and send them running from the board.

Remember to pay attention to the number of bots removed on the top right-hand side of the board so you can ensure you ration your Bubbles to get rid of them all!