Gizmo is more than just a cute sidekick, he has many tricks of his own and can prove the difference between winning and losing. Pre-game Boosters give you the option of equipping them to a Level before it starts.  You may want to experiment with the Level first before equipping one of these Boosters!

Purrfect Strike


If Purrfect Strike is activated, Gizmo will join in the Bubble popping fun by popping up to three Bubbles in the pack after every few shots you take on your own. This boost can be perfect for opening up new entries to pop Bubbles that are higher up. 

Rock the Pack


If at first you don’t succeed, shake things up! This is exactly what Gizmo will help you do if you select the Rock the Pack boost. Every few shots you take Gizmo will give the pack a shake to see what comes loose! This Boost can be very helpful in Free the Furbble levels as it won’t take much to shake them loose. 

Pot Luck
You can’t really be unlucky with Pot Luck as every random special bubble Gizmo adds to the board can be a great help. Every few shots you will see a Plus 3 Bubble, Boom Bubble, Color Splash or any of the other Special Bubbles appear randomly in the pack.