In the bottom left-hand side of your in game screen you will see an icon for the Streak Boost. You will only be able to select and use a Streak Boost once you have activated it. To activate your Streak boost all you need to do is make 6 matches in a row without missing.

Should you miss, all the progress you can see as the Streak boost icon will be lost and you will have to start again from scratch. If you hit a special Bubble or remove one of Vee's machines with your aim, this won’t count as either a hit or a miss and your Streak Boost won’t be affected. Each Level will have a pre-determined Streak Boost you can try and activate:

This shows the button when the streak boost is ready to go. Simply press the button to add it to your launcher:



There are 4 types of streak boost, but only one will be available in a level.




If you fire a Bomb Boost onto the board you will clear all bubbles within a large radius. This Streak Boost can be perfect for opening up the middle of the board and gaining access to Bubbles that otherwise would have been blocked in.

Be aware that Bomb Boost can remove items as well as Bubbles so serve as great way of getting rid of Minus Three Bubbles, Portals or any other Bubble that may be in your way. 


Line Blast


As the name suggests, Line Blast will allow you to clear an entire row of Bubbles from the board. This will send all lower bubble tumbling down, which can be a great way of gaining some extra points. When you activate the Line Blast on Free the Furbbles or Pop the Top Levels aim as high up as possible!




If Bubbles are packed tightly together activating Earthquake can give you the breathing space you need. Aim this Streak Boost anywhere to dislodge up to ten Bubbles from the board. This boost will create opportunities to drop some Bubbles and more up the board but you will have to be strategic!




Sometimes the fastest way to the top is with a Lightning Boost, but only if the top is in sight! This boost will clear a whole column of Bubbles as far up the board as you can see.

Don’t activate this Boost if you have already cleared more of the Bubbles from the part of the board you can see, instead see if you can drop some Bubbles and use it once you have a new perspective of the board.