Diamond- Grab the Loot

These levels are all about the jewels! Surpass any obstacles on the board to give the pirates their treasure. Keep an eye on the number of chests you must fill, don’t run out of turns and leave some pirates without their treasure!


Shell- Sunken Treasure

Match jewels close to the top of the board to bring Celeste’s Pearls up from the deep. Get the Pearls passed the dotted line to bring them to safety. Jewels fall in from the top and also rise from the bottom of the ocean – so do your best to raise the water level by matching the shells that appear, to help you reach the collection line. Be warned that you’ll be moving up in the world with this one.


Swords- Walk the Plank

Its time to walk the plank! Or rather try to avoid getting wet by making The Croc take a dip. In these levels you’ll have to collect a set of required jewels. If you can collect the whole set of jewels you will force The Croc to take a step back. Every time you complete a set of jewels you’ll be given another set until someone loses. Watch out for The Croc! If he collects all of his set of jewels you’ll be the one taking steps back towards the edge of the boat. As long as you try to collect at least one required jewel every turn it should be see you later alligator for The Croc!


Chest-Buried Treasure

Match jewels next to the soil to get rid of the dirt and uncover the precious gold. The only indication of the length of the level comes at the start, so make sure to do what any good pirate would and take note of how much gold is buried. You’ll be asked to collect a certain number of gold blocks for each board but the total number will be a mystery so make sure you have enough moves left to get every last bar of gold!


Ship – Race

Hoist the sails and get ready to race! In these levels time is of the essence as you race across the seven seas. In this level you must match as many Wind Gems as you can within a period of time to pass the Queen's Ship. Each Wind Gem you collect will fill your Power Meter - once your meter is full, tap on the Power button to sail ahead. You will win the Level once you have passed the Queen's Ship.