If you ever wanted to be friends with a mermaid then this is your chance. Retrieve her pearls from the bottom of the sea and you will make her happy. Pearls won’t be affected by Special Jewels although they can be swapped with jewels as long as it enables a match!


Gold Bars

If there is one thing a pirate should know, it’s how to dig for gold. You can see Gold Bars in the dirt.  To retrieve them simply make a match next to the dirt they are buried to ensure that they come home with you!



The habit of collecting seashell at the beach is one that never dies in a Pirate. Some levels will require you to collect conches, to do this you need only match them with two jewels or more of the same color.


Kraken Cages

Feared by pirates across the globe, the Kraken can be quite a formidable foe! Match with jewel imprisoned by the Kraken to shatter its hold, you may have to do this a few times as Krakens can be stubborn!



To remove Medallions from the board you will have to make matches next to them. But there’s a catch, sometimes these medallions aren’t as complete as they can be and so will require extra matches to bring them to their full potential before they can be collected. Collecting these Medallions is made easier by the ability to move them to facilitate a match.


Jewellery Boxes

If you want treasure you will have to make matches next to these Jewellery Boxes to collect them. These boxes are heavy and so can’t be moved! Make sure you get all the treasure they have to offer as often they may come in multiple layers.



Normally brooches would be quite a find on a treasure hunt, but there’s something dark about these Brooches! Remove Brooches from your path by making matches next to them to break them. Sometimes these broaches will have lots of layers and could require a few extra matches to make sure they are properly destroyed! Remember if you feel stuck that these Brooches are also movable if that move enables a match.



Sometimes a few extra steps are needed when in the pursuit of gold. In the case of Vines these extra steps are the matches they will require to reveal the gold beneath.


Wooden Crates

These Wooden Crates are immovable blockers. And when you can go around something then you will simply have to go through it. Smash Wooden crates apart to get them off the board by matching jewels next to them.