Who knows what lies ahead when you’re on a pirate adventure! Sometimes a little pre-emptive help can be all it takes to make the difference.

A pre-game boost can get any level off to a good start. To activate a pre-game boost simply select one from the ‘Add Boost’ area located just above the play button of a level.  If you are happy with the boost you have selected simply tap play and that boost will be added to the start of the level. Each boost provides a different kind of help so choose wisely:


Extra Moves

By selecting this boost, you will gain five more moves before the level even begins! And more moves can only mean one thing, more treasure!


Striped Start

Lift up ye eye patch and scout the board, as this boost will add three Beam Jewels to the level before it starts. To activate a Beam Jewel all you have to do is match them with two or more jewels of the same colour.


Explosive Start

Do you know what happens when you combine two special jewels together? Well, with this boost you are about to find out. A Blast Jewel and Beam Jewel will be placed on the board next to each other at the start of a level. Swipe the two together and the result will be explosive!