The in-game boosts are a pirate’s best friend as you can use them strategically to beat even the toughest of levels. They can be found along the bottom of the level screen below the board. To use an in-game boost simply tap on the boost you wish to use and then select the area of the board you would like it to affect.


Blast One

Sometimes one jewel can make all the difference to a pirate's success! Blast One will allow you to remove one item from the board. Perfect for a last blast to victory!


Boom Barrel

When one blast just isn’t enough, try a Barrel! This boost packs quite a punch and can send one column and corresponding row packing. Remember that the square you select on the board with this one will determine both the column and row that will be removed.



Your Hook will allow you to swap 2 board items that otherwise wouldn’t have moved all without losing a move. Can be really useful when something just isn’t quite how you would like it to be.


Color Mojo

Harness the power of the rainbow with this special potion. All you have to do is wish a color gone and the magic will take care of the rest, removing all jewels of the same color from the board. Don’t forget to tap on the color of jewel that you want removed otherwise your wish won’t work!