The great thing about being a pirate is that every adventure is different! Sometimes these unique challenges require their own unique boosts:


Extra Stamina

If you have just taken a dip into the ocean then Extra Samina is exactly what you need! Get back into the fight with a little extra energy and ensure the Croc has to fight extra hard to make you walk the plank!


Head Start

This is a pre-game boost you will only find in Walk the Plank levels. It will cut the Crocs energy by two. And with a little encouragement, he is sure to end up in the water!


Turbo Boost

Get any race of to a good start with a little extra wind in your sails! To use a Turbo Boost you must first collect Wind Jewels, the more wind jewels you collect, the quicker the Turbo boost bar will fill up. Once the Turbo boost bar is filled up you can let it loose and propel your ship across the sea