All jewels are special but some jewels are extra special! By making different matches of four or more you will be able to create Special Jewels. The Special Jewel will always be the same color as the jewels you used to create it and can be activated by matching it with at least two more jewels of the same color. Each Special Jewel will have its own unique effect on the board. Although, as all pirates know, more treasure is never a bad thing and combining any Special jewels together can cause quite the commotion in the ocean:


Beam Jewels

You can create Beam Jewels by matching four jewels of the same color together. If you match four jewels in a line a Beam Jewel will be created in that space, allowing you to strategically plan your hunt for treasure. However, you can also match four jewels in a square which will change one random jewel of the same color into a Beam Jewel. When triggered these Special Jewels will clear all other tokens in a row or a column. Match a line of four jewels vertically to create a horizontal Beam Jewel, or horizontally to create a vertical Beam Jewel. Matches in squares will randomly create one or the other.


Blast Jewel

P is for pirate and T and L are for Blast Jewels. This is because to create a Blast Jewel you will need to make a match of five in either a T or an L shape. Triggering this explosive Special Jewel will send any tokens that surround it for a nap with the fishes!


Rainbow Jewel

They say there is treasure at the end of a rainbow but this Special Rainbow Jewel is a treasure in and of itself! By matching five jewels of the same color in a straight row you will create a Rainbow Jewel which you can use to remove any color from the board. That’s right, every single jewel of the color you chose, well, as long as it can be swapped with the Rainbow Jewel itself.


Swapper Jewel

This is a Special Jewel that can send Special Jewels raining down from the sky. This is because if activated, by swapping it with a jewel of any color, all of those color jewels on the board will be changed into the color of the Swapper Jewel. The color of the Swapper Jewel itself will be determined by the color of the jewels you make a match of seven with!


Wind Jewels

Wind jewels only appear in race levels. They can be matched like normal jewels and when collected they will be added to the Turbo Boost Bar. So keep an eye out for these jewels as an extra gush of wind can make all the difference.