File Boxes

  • File Boxes cannot be moved and do not fall with gravity.
  • Making a match next to these blockers causes them to progress to the next stage.
  • Once the box is full, the box is removed from the board or collected
  • They can be affected by Special Bombs.


  • Carpet lies beneath tokens and does not block movement.
  • They are unaffected by gravity.
  • When a match is made over a carpeted tile, the Carpet spreads to all spaces under the match without Carpet on them already.
  • Matches made that do not have any space carpeted do not spread the Carpet.
  • Special Bombs on Carpet can spread the Carpet.

Gusts of Wind

  • Gusts of Wind control the direction tokens will "fall" when space is available.
  • Gusts of Wind animation show the direction in which tokens will travel in.

Envelopes and Glass

  • Envelopes and Glass lie beneath tokens and do not block movement.
  • Envelopes are collected when all Glass tiles above them are destroyed and removed.
  • Glass Tiles are damaged and removed when matches are made on top of them.
  • Special Bombs damage Glass tiles they interact with.
  • Glass can have multiple stages and each stage must be damaged before the tile is removed.


  • Teacups can be moved and are affected by gravity.
  • Teacups do not match with other Teacups
  • Teacups can only be moved as part of another match.
  • Matches made adjacent to Teacups damages and removes the teacups.
  • Teacups may have multiple stages and each stage must be damaged to progress to the next. Once all stages have been damaged the Teacup is removed or collected.


  • Tokens that fall into one side of the teleporters appear out of the other side somewhere else on the board.
  • Teleporters only work one way.


  • Chains lie on top of tokens and stop these tokens from moving until released.
  • Chains are only broken when a match is made that includes the token under the chain.
  • Chains are also damaged by Special Bombs.
  • Chains may have multiple stages, and each stage requires a match to be made in order to break.
  • Once all stages of the chains have been broken, the token underneath is free to move normally.


  • A Suitcase works similar to File Boxes except they may hold objects within them.
  • Some Suitcases contain Emma's Teddy Bears. These need to be collected for some objectives.
  • Collect a Teddy Bear by freeing it from the Suitcase.
  • Suitcases are damaged by adjacent matches and Special Bombs.

Ornate Tiles

  • Ornate Tiles lie beneath tokens and are not moved.
  • Ornate Tiles are damaged by matches made on top of them.
  • Ornate Tiles may have multiple stages, each stage can be collected by making a match over the tile.
  • Special Bombs damage the Ornate Tiles.


  • Vines lie on top of tokens and stop these tokens from moving until released.
  • Vines are only broken when a match is made adjacent to them.
  • If no Vines are damaged when a move is made the Vines will spread by one space.
  • Vines must be destroyed in order to release the token below them and to stop further spread.
  • Vines are not affected by Gravity.
  • Special Bombs damage vines they interact with.


  • Lockets fall with Gravity and can be moved.
  • Lockets are collected once they reach the Collection Point on last tile of a column
  • Lockets fall when there is space to move, players must clear space below them to move them closer to the Collection Point