Death on the Nile: An Agatha Christie Special Event is a limited time event (available to start until the end of December 2022) that will give you access to the Death on the Nile case.  

How can I start the case?  
Once you have unlocked the event you will see the Death on the Nile case popup, click ‘Join Poirot’ to start. Once you start the event you will have 30 days to complete it.

You can return to the event any time during the 30 days. To return to the event:
•        Select the Death on the Nile case icon (left side of the screen)
•        Click ‘Play’ to play matching levels
•        Click ‘Collect’ to claim your unlocked rewards

Completing matching levels in the game will earn you Poirot Points. The more Points you earn the further you will advance in the reward tiers. You will unlock new case scenes and earn rewards with each Rank you unlock.  
You will need to redeem all unlocked rewards in the tier before you can claim the next tier’s rewards.

What happens if I am not able to complete the event in 30 days?
If you are not able to complete the event you will still be able to keep all redeemed rewards that you had earned.  

Unfortunately, you will not be able to view the remaining case scenes. All unlocked rewards will need to be claimed before the end of the event.

What is the Poirot Pass?
The Poirot Pass is a purchasable pass that will give you access to additional rewards that you can unlock.