Don't worry, we're here to help!

If you make a purchase, and it doesn't automatically appear in-game, please exit the game and reopen it. Sometimes purchasing can be helped along by starting the game again.

All payments in Crafty Candy Blast are processed through Google Play or Apple (depending on your device). You will usually receive an email receipt for purchases in Crafty Candy Blast from the Store shortly after making a purchase. 

If you have not received a receipt but have been debited for the purchase, the purchase should be present in your order history:

For iOS (Apple) devices: 
- Open iTunes on your computer.
- Click 'Sign In', and then enter the Apple ID and password that you used to make the purchase.
- Click your name and select 'Account Info' from the menu.
- Enter your password again.
- Scroll down to 'Purchase History'.
- click 'See All'.
- Scroll to your missing purchase and take a screenshot.

For Android (Google Play) devices:
- On your device, open the Google Play Store app.
- Tap Menu (three lines) and then Account.
- Tap Order history.
- Scroll to your missing purchase and take a screenshot.

Please get in contact with us with your receipt(s) if the above steps have not solved the issue.