How do I unlock Kitchen Options?
You can unlock Kitchen Options by completing Tasks. You can view available Tasks by pressing the Clipboard icon (left side) on the Home Screen. Each Task has a Cash cost. You can earn Cash by completing Levels. When you have enough Cash to complete a Task, click on the Cash icon (it will show the value needed to complete that Task). Each Task you complete unlocks at least one Kitchen Option.

What are Tasks?
Tasks are optional objectives you can complete to unlock Kitchen Options. You can complete Tasks by using the Cash you've earned by playing Levels.

How do I earn Cash?
You earn Cash by completing the normal Levels. Each completed Level gives you 1 Cash. Only the normal levels will earn you Cash, you will not earn Cash when completing Stages in the Culinary Genius League.

How do I Redecorate my Kitchen?
Tap on the Paintbrush icon on the Home Screen. From there, swipe left and right and tap on any of the buttons to discover and try out different Kitchen Options. Tap on the green Checkmark to confirm any changes.

How do I finish Redecorating?
If you would like to preview your Kitchen press the Magnifying Glass icon (top right), you will be able to view how your Kitchen will look before saving the changes. Click the back arrow to return to the edit screen. To finish up Redecorating, press the Home button in the top-left corner of the screen.