If you are experiencing a crash in the game do get in touch with our Support Team.

When contacting our Support Team do include as much details as you can describing what you have experienced and include any screenshots or videos that might help show what you were seeing in the game.

This will help us see what you are seeing within the game and help with the investigation.
Do also include these details (where applicable):
  • What happens when you try to open the app?
  • Does any error message appear? If yes, can we know what it says (please send a screenshot of the message)
  • Do you experience the crash on every Level? Or are there specific Levels that cause the issue?
  • What happens when you retry the same level? Does the same thing happen?
  • Are you performing a specific type of action at the time of the crash?
  • When did this issue start?
  • Have there been any changes made to your device recently, such as a firmware upgrade?